I wanted to first say Thank You from Azile’s Journeys for kindly taking an interest.  Second, I wanted to applaud your willingness to engage in this conversation.  I believe that many people do want change in the world. Thirdly, I received a tremendous amount of responses, so many that I cannot keep up.  I would love to accept every comment out of this belief in the goodness of people.  Over time I chose to not accept the majority of the comments.  Why, you ask?

1.         I rejected duplicate canned responses.  You will see them from time to time on the site and have a good laugh.  You have no idea how many people use the same message over and over again.  Or should I say “bots”?

2.         Whatever your endeavors are, they are of course important to you.  You may have affiliated yourself with the wrong site though.

3.         Parameters.  Occasionally I stretched these for various reasons.  Some people left beautiful comments and I wanted to reward a well-written message.  Other times I decided to lend a helping hand.  I felt very disappointed that I could not accept the majority of the replies.  However my head overruled my heart.  These messages came linked to medication, online gambling or other undesirable topics.   In other cases I received ads from 30 or more people for the same business.   If someone left a message attached to an unclear site I didn’t accept it.  This presents problems at times for people in other countries if the translation is bad.  Having lived abroad I understand how difficult it is to learn a second language and don’t want to create a barrier in this regard.  However I should be able to understand the message of the blog or site even with the language barrier.  If not, a good human translation is needed.  In some situations I made mistakes.  So as a consumer, please make educated decisions in regards to sites sometimes linked here.

4.         Answers to Questions.  The same questions, like comments, are asked repeatedly.  Instead of answering them 10 times, feel free to search the replies and/or headings pages where you should find the info you desire.

A.        Sources.   I draw from my life experiences, work, countless hobbies and various adventures.  I have spent more than half my life working with people to empower them.  I write with a pen name so that I may be able to write more freely.  Everything I write about is true.

B.        Spelling.  There have been comments about the site being “rife” with spelling errors.  I do take pride in spelling so I am thinking that the person(s) that left these comments never read through the site in its entirety and therefore didn’t “realize” that I created a special word “Re-A-Zile” to illustrate a point.  So in some cases I mean rea-ziling, not rea-lizing.  And in other cases, I mean the latter.   And then again, maybe someone found some spelling errors that I cannot see.

C.        Motivation.  My motivation is to encourage others to own their own power.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said they could not do something, I would be a wealthy woman, people who have two, three or five times the amount of money I have.  Stop letting fear control you; start living more; start celebrating more.  Expect more out of life; your job.  Create more with your life.  Bad things happen to people, sometimes life is not fair, but it is about choosing to switch the focus onto what is good and real.  And moving to the other side, the side where joy abounds.

D.        User Experience.  I hope to be able to improve this for people if you bear with me as this is a labor of love.  They say that good things are worth waiting for; I hope it will be worth the wait.

So Thank You from Azile’s Journeys for your kind comments but I am more interested in hearing your journeys, your reexamination of your life paths, your stories, than hearing about how you like my blog.  I appreciate the kindness but IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING MORE!


P.S. Part II is coming

“Is it the End or Beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys –

Ask yourself the next time something bad happens “It is the end or beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys.  For example one April 15th, my world dropped out from under me.  When it happened so unexpectedly, I found it very hard to pick myself up again.  One year later to the date I realized that April 15th signified rebirth when I unexpectedly purchased my second home.

Where were you on 12-12-12?  I was working and halfway through the day when I realized that magical date. I celebrated it two different ways, one knowingly and the other unknowingly.   I called my best friend after work and she immediately got it!  She agreed with me about the significance of that day.  I told her that her son needed to get married and he only had a few hours left.  Her daughter married the year before on 11-11-11 so it was only natural for her son to follow suit.   She completely understood.  We laughed and he remained single.

I found out it was 12-12-12 by accident when I dated a new journal for someone.  She brought a new notebook to record her daily accomplishments since she lacks self-confidence.   Naturally she had trouble starting it so I dated it 12-12-12 and listed five great things.  After writing the date, I squealed with delight stating:  “You began this on a magical day.    It is the end of old habits and the beginning of new ones.  This means that anything is possible!”  We both laughed.

So my partner told me the other day that Friday, December 21, 2012 is when the world is supposed to end.  How long have we been fascinated with the year 2012 and the end of the world?  There was “2012 – End of the World”, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the Year 2012” “2012 Doomsday” a few of the many movies with the same plot line.  Keeping in line with “Is it the End or Beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys, what will December 21, or December 31, 2012 mean to you?

Could the end of the world signify something other than our physical reality?  Could it relate more to ending a fear-based consciousness?  And with that ending, could we establish a new one based on love?  This means that there are no walls, barriers or religions that separate us.  Could this begin December 22 or January 1 based on whether you think the world is ending or just the year?   When you believe that whatever happens to your neighbor could happen to you, then you act differently.  We feel this connection whenever manmade or natural disasters occur around the world.  But why does it take something of that magnitude to wake us up?  We don’t.  We can choose to live like this on a daily basis.  Since we cannot control others, why not begin by sending out what you would like to receive?  What would that new year/world look like to you?

One glimpse is I drove through McDonald’s the other morning getting a free cup of coffee from the driver ahead of me, the recipient of someone else’s kind gesture.  It made my day.  What can you do for someone else? Can you improve someone’s day with a smile or a kind gesture?  It could be exercising patience when someone screws up.  Or it could be affirming someone for what they do well.   Or it might be forgiving someone.  It is all within our power.  So January 1, 2013 or December 22, 2012, “Is it the end or beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys or You?

Cherished Holidays and Magical Moments in Azile’s Journeys –

The Holidays are such an important yet stressful time for many.  You can make them special or not.  I choose cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.  I create lots of memories by spending the holidays with people I enjoy.  I often do not see my family during the holidays due to the geographic distance.  Instead of whining I create magical moments with my friends. Again I take a break from my normal posts to share these stories to brighten the holidays.

I moved into a home one year missing a stove.  I dragged my feet about buying it until the day before Thanksgiving.  Since I was hosting the feast, I needed something to cook with.  Missing, however was talent.  But this holiday, even though the meal was served two hours late, the people made it special.

We began by playing basketball outside, a feat for this northern state.  Slowly the people trickled in and old friends clicked with new ones. While we waited for the meal, we filled up on appetizers, wine and good conversation.  A must for any holiday dinner is a great beverage, alcoholic or non.  A second essential includes guests who know how to laugh  – the zanier the better.  The holidays should be served with at least one gut-belly wrenching laugh.  A third must is music and fourth of course, is the food.  Optional enhancers include people who go with the flow.  I suppose they all equally rate the same in importance.  Together they become magical ingredients to creating cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.

Allow people to bring what they think might enhance the special day.  My friend brought some congo drums, drums she breaks out every few years to play.  Whenever she does, we remember the time we thought how fun it would be to perform on a street corner for money in a University town. Somehow we never got up the courage.

Then there was the guy with the perfect pitch voice.  You sing with him and experience heaven.  Then there is the partner who radiates joy at any event and is a must to brighten up the holidays.    He is the perfect host.  Relatves of my partner brought their unconditional love which floated through the hallways like the music.   Every room held different groups of people; those who wanted to talk, eat, watch TV or play music.  Others not mentioned included a drummer, a guitar player, etc.  They added their presence  like icing on a cake,

When we all created music together, the congo woman’s daughter played the most divinely inspired Celine Dion song “My Heart Will Go On”.  It floated from the basement upstairs and into the heavens.  In that moment you felt like you were connecting to all the souls celebrating the holidays.  Listening to this recording years later transports you back in time.  It preserved those cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.

So whenever you feel stressed or depressed about the holidays, think about what you can do to create cherished holidays and magical moments instead.  For instance, have you ever seen King Kong” on Christmas?  Now that’s a first!



For this holiday I take a break from my normal posts to write about Cherished Thanksgivings and Days that Last Forever for Azile’s Journeys.   I would like to share this story to help people who struggle with the holidays.  When my family and I moved to Texas, we feared our first Thanksgiving separated from  family or friends.  We spent 20 years visiting our cousins every Thanksgiving and Christmas like clockwork.  This year due to the geographic distance between us it would not be possible.  My brother and I always enjoyed surrounding ourselves with their laughter, zaniness and festive spirit growing up. That day, though, something miraculous occurred.  I learned about creating Cherished Thanksgivings and Days that Last Forever for Azile’s Journeys in the future.

At the last moment our friends from up north phoned to tell us they were passing through.  They wanted to stop and possibly visit the beach.  My mother adapted quickly and packed up her cinnamon roll dough to bake in their RV.   While we walked at the beach smelling the fresh sea air, we also took in the overwhelming scent of cinnamon rolls cooking.  Our friends and her managed to bring a little bit of home with them.  The familiar aroma of cinnamon transported us back in time.  Walking on the beach moved us forward in time.  Each point intersected to blend the old with the new.  It taught me not to fear change but to welcome it like an old friend or an adventure.  It helped inspire Azile later in life to welcome change while creating  new cherished Thanksgivings and days that last forever for Azile’s journeys.

Wherever you are, no matter who you are with, as you enter this holiday season may you create new cherished Thanksgivings and days that last forever for your own journeys!



Decisions in Azile’s Journey happened daily or weekly. The author tripled my rate for the next project, however, the timing proved wrong for him.  He kindly referred me to another individual to work with in the meantime.  This referral proved very interesting but I had reservations about the project.  Would it be too large in scope?  Were too many people involved in it?  Would I become an indentured servant?   I expressed my concerns to the referral and the author.

When I didn’t hear back from the referral, I felt sad and frustrated but didn’t dwell on it and instead moved on.  Movement became my ally.  Whenever I felt stuck or negative thinking overran me I worked on increasing my options.  I kept applying for different projects and dabbled in TV commercial writing, video script writing, editing, learning modules, essays, articles, project coordination, etc…   It was absolutely wonderful to be in an arena of full exploration from jingle writing, to encyclopedia editing.  I chose my projects carefully so that I could expand my portfolio with creative tasks I enjoyed.

In addition I leaned towards jobs that would pay me for learning what I needed to know.  One such article might be something like how to attract attention with blogging.   I continued getting paid for information I needed to learn.

There were countless decisions over which project would make sense to do, when to let go and move on and which ones to really go after.  If I could learn something that would benefit me than I would offer my services for a lower fee.  These decisions proved very important for Azile’s journey.  If it was a specialized skillset, then I would hold my ground on my pay.

Decisions in Azile’s Journey kept pointing me back to my own works.  I needed to finish the story of my trip to the Grand Canyon several years earlier recorded via cassette.  That journey was inspired by an inner voice that could not be quelched when it seemed so irrational to do.  Now at this juncture this journey was about doing something transformative.  Meeting the author was one moment.  Working for the author on a second project  (not mentioned) was another moment!  The creative assignments comprised countless other moments.  Finishing the book was a milestone marker.

The next decisions in Azile’s Journey related to taking a sabbatical for two weeks and who I took along with me on that trip.

Azile Hensen



The next life changing moment in Azile’s Journey came earlier than expected.  Azile was not prepared, however, she will always be grateful for it.  My post on Azile’s Journey, An Opportunity or not details the last one.  After that ended, I resumed my original plan of opening myself up to the universe like a Rubik’s Cube.  I doubled my efforts on a global marketplace and bid on several jobs.  I won a writing project that would take me about a month to complete.

If you want to do something different, choose your projects wisely.  I never have agreed with career coaches that point you towards doing more of the same.  If you feel comfortable taking the linear historical route, then by all means continue that path?  However, exploring gives you the opportunity to find extraordinary connections with your life purpose and the possibility of encountering the next life changing moment.

At one point I thought of traveling without working for a short period.  When I set out on this journey I needed to do something transformative to change the sequence of bad events happening.  Because of waiting and not rushing in to “fix” things the options expanded.  I could envision traveling while getting paid for it.  I never thought of this idea before because my mind could not conceive of it.

Imagine if you could visit a place for awhile and then get PAID too?  I signed up for a house sitting service and some opportunities began trickling in.  The Universe was unfolding majestically with continual ideas and options.

In the past I have organized shows from simple to complex.  I learned that the project you undertake teaches you the things you need to know.  You envision the final product date and then work backwards to determine the project’s needs to meet the target date.   If I stopped before I knew everything there was to know, there would have been no school musical, no variety shows, no arrangement of music, no singing performances, no collaboration of music, no film, and no adventure.  Not knowing everything about an endeavor makes you more willing to reach out for help.  You can create a team which shares the same vision, has different levels of expertise and fills in the blanks.

The next life changing moment in Azile’s Journey came after writing a 50-70 page How to eBook.  Azile hadn’t written research papers since college. I thought I would apply experience, interest and passion to write about this subject.  Instead of paying for tuition, I offered my services at below market value.  I heard from others:  “Are you getting paid enough?”  “Are you underselling yourself?”  I responded internally:  “No, I am just doing an apprenticeshop for money” or “I feel fantastic that I can earn money while learning and practising my craft.”  Your mind can create traps that limit your options.  If you truly want to live in this lifetime, you need to be willing to take risk.

I have moved geographically to follow my heart.  I have let go of things at times to move ahead.  When I worked in mental health rehabilitation a common thread in people’s stories was:  holding on too long to people, jobs, outcomes and things they were attached to like a  rope.  That rope could either be a lifeline or a noose if they held on too tightly.  They never knew when to let go.

Important questions to ask yourself about your life path are: “Is my work satisfying to me?”  “Am I giving something back in what I do?”  “Does my work take more from me than I want to give?” “Is it in line with my core values?”  And who is more important in your life?  The things you have or “You, Your Family, Your Friends and Your Health!”

When I accepted the next project of the eBook I had not written something close to this length since college.  It, however, was a stretch within reach.  If you are moving to the next level, you want something that is uncomfortable but not unbearable.  Every large project I ever undertook was broken down into smaller pieces and became more manageable in those states.  Breaking it down took away the overwhelming “fear” of “how”.

I finished a very rough draft version in two weeks and completed a polished version within a month.  Shockingly enough, little changes were made to it.  The next life changing moment in Azile’s journey was being praised by an internationally published author!

Now this was something transformative!



So I have been a little busy lately and many of my wishes for others have piled up.  This is by no means a complete list but a continuation of a previous list found under World Vision Page subheading “My Wishes for Others.”

1.  I work with people who struggle so hard every day just to get out of bed.  And when they do, they live in a different realm.  They live on very limited incomes.  Many of us take for granted certain ideas they have already given up on.  Today if you have an opportunity to make someone’s day or life, take it!  There is no better feeling in the world than to give someone hope of a better future.

My more specific wishes for others include:

2.  I wish a young friend continued success in her new store which opened out west recently.

3.  I would like to send a couple I know years of happiness and mutual enrichment after their recent beautiful wedding.

4.  May a friend regain her complete eyesight after unexpected eye illness.  She is the primary support of her household.  May she completely heal!

I  continue encouraging people to share “my wishes for others” that the Universe could deliver in unexpected and mysterious ways. Our waves of light, hope and positive support keep growing.



<continuation of prior posts “Azile’s Journey” and base page under “Journeys” heading “Azile’s Journey”>

An opportunity or not came close to a month after leaving work.  I grabbed it regardless of how I envisioned spending my time.  My goal was to do or find something transformative to reverse the pattern of bad events happening.  See “New Paths – I am Rea-ziling” under “Journeys” heading.  Consider whether this experience in Azile’s Journey, is an opportunity or not?

The job was working temporary for a large company helping with some overflow work.  A person could get hired full-time but not a guarantee.  My reservation related to a prior experience with them.  I really enjoyed the complexities of each assignment; I just didn’t like the parameters.  This business thrives more on numbers than quality work.  Imprinted on my psyche, however, is a desire to produce exceptional work.  I have a hard time compromising quality.  To this day if I take classes, I find it very difficult to do just get by because I enjoy the inner satisfaction of a job well done.

I approached the opportunity from the standpoint of if it works, “great!”  If it doesn’t, then I paid off some more bills, took less from my retirement and rewarded myself with something great for the future:  The latest and greatest Mac.   What is ironic is while I liked the work,  I didn’t like the environment.  It favored the younger people and definitely created walls for people with different styles of learning.  Having traveled abroad and having worked in multiple environments, I love diversity.  This was not an example.

When you sought help to address the issues you were struggling with, your supervisor disappeared.  At one point I realized that if that was the message they sent, I didn’t want to be a part of that.  I worked waiting for my ending assignment date.  They certainly had more people then they could absorb in the company.  At this juncture I didn’t have to work.  I just felt bad for the people struggling to find work and how badly they were treated in the process.

In my training group I was the last representative of my age bracket, lasting five months as opposed to one or two.  My last day summed up five months of working there.  It was the icing on the cake.  I went to work and for some reason my badge did not open the gate to the parking lot.  Figuring the magnetic stripe wore off, I parked in a private pay parking garage.  My next obstacle was entering the business; I forgot I needed the badge to open the door. I stopped at security who referred me to my temporary agency.  They were just as bewildered as I.   They knew of no issues.  I sat outside a large downtown building waiting to go to work for over a ½ hour.  I approached security again at my temporary agency’s suggestion and was informed to turn my badge in.  I racked my brain to determine if there was something I could have done and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Two to three hours later I received a phone call from my temporary agency apologizing for this mishap.  Apparently the assignment had ended but they accidentally had left my temporary agency’s email address off the list to notify me of this.  Now I ask you was this an opportunity or not in Azile’s Journey?

I definitely have my thoughts.

Azile H.


Hurdles can be looked at as opportunities or pillars of good fortune.  See “Journeys” page subheading “Creative Visualizations – Crystal Pillar City”.  Reframing hurdles can bring you good fortune and peace of mind.  Our reality is always shaped by how we view it.  It can change based on our experiences, how we think and how we feel.  If you change one of these areas, it will affect the other two.  Today we are reframing hurdles by traveling to Crystal Pillar City, a nice contemplative place where we manifest our reality in an instant.



(continuation of Journeys Base Page plus Azile’s Journey previous Post)  When anyone sets out to do something different, a hurdle people encounter is the lack of support.   How many instead say:  “You can’t leave your job because you will lose your insurance.”  “You can’t go to the Peace Corps because ….”  “You can’t leave your job without another job.”  When you do feel compelled to follow your own inner voice, make sure it is loud and strong.  The vast majority fall within the group that doubts and you will hear more objections than affirmations.  In Azile’s Journey – a hurdle I encountered was the mindset of people.

I name two groups:  those who follow the linear path or those who choose the opposite.  Those who follow the non-linear route tend to act more supportively.  In my life I always have chosen what I felt compelled to do.  Happiness or Joy should guide an individual’s choices.  That means paying attention to reoccurring emotions that signal something important.  I may have waited longer to decide or act hastily at times.  Whatever the case, I normally created another opportunity, adventure, or path as a result.    With Azile’s Journey, if you believe in a force greater than yourself, that force does not operate in the realm of 1+1 = 2.  For if he or she did, then we could control it based on logic and it would only exist within our understanding.

Since this force operates beyond our understanding, I have found that it’s best not to try to figure out everything.  In Azile’s Journey It is much easier to set a general course and let your experiences, insights, and people guide you to your final destination.  After you start the journey and let go, this force operates like the wind.  It can set you on or off course, cause a hurdle, provide comfort or a fast speedy arrival.  Its presence always reminds you that its about the journey anyways.

Hurdles you encounter can be self-imposed fears, solid realities, or metaphorical walls, etc.  ….  Never attach yourself to outcome when you set out on any journey.  For instance, when I aspired to a  specific sustainable energy position, it was a glimpse of an idea I threw in the hat.  When I realized a hurdle of physical limitations,  I began to open myself up to other opportunities.  I posted a Resume.  I found a global marketplace to experiment with my writing.

My second hurdle was the mindset of one temporary agency I had been invited to interview with.  I have several successful professional level positions and I was appalled at their “cattle” approach to interviews.  I met with a young individual who “wrote me off” within the first ten minutes on our meeting based on their computer error which cut off the last five years of my work history.  Another representative spoke with me very candidly but still presented a “metaphorical wall”.  Basically I listened to an hour of why it would be very difficult to place me.  Ironically, they had called me to set up an interview.  After the 3 hour microscopic examination I left feeling worse than I did before I entered.  When they called the next day about some small opportunity I passed because I knew my worth.   At this stage the only reason I would jump at an opportunity was if it was fantastic.

On Azile’s Journey I needed to do something to transform the negative events of the past.  I would take some time off to explore.  This was one of the first of many examples of how “mindsets” play a role in limiting or creating opportunities for others.  Having been in positions where I interviewed people sometimes people are just looking for a good fit for the team.  Everything else is secondary so what you have on paper may just be a foot in the door and exceptions are always made if someone really want you bad enough.