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An opportunity or not came close to a month after leaving work.  I grabbed it regardless of how I envisioned spending my time.  My goal was to do or find something transformative to reverse the pattern of bad events happening.  See “New Paths – I am Rea-ziling” under “Journeys” heading.  Consider whether this experience in Azile’s Journey, is an opportunity or not?

The job was working temporary for a large company helping with some overflow work.  A person could get hired full-time but not a guarantee.  My reservation related to a prior experience with them.  I really enjoyed the complexities of each assignment; I just didn’t like the parameters.  This business thrives more on numbers than quality work.  Imprinted on my psyche, however, is a desire to produce exceptional work.  I have a hard time compromising quality.  To this day if I take classes, I find it very difficult to do just get by because I enjoy the inner satisfaction of a job well done.

I approached the opportunity from the standpoint of if it works, “great!”  If it doesn’t, then I paid off some more bills, took less from my retirement and rewarded myself with something great for the future:  The latest and greatest Mac.   What is ironic is while I liked the work,  I didn’t like the environment.  It favored the younger people and definitely created walls for people with different styles of learning.  Having traveled abroad and having worked in multiple environments, I love diversity.  This was not an example.

When you sought help to address the issues you were struggling with, your supervisor disappeared.  At one point I realized that if that was the message they sent, I didn’t want to be a part of that.  I worked waiting for my ending assignment date.  They certainly had more people then they could absorb in the company.  At this juncture I didn’t have to work.  I just felt bad for the people struggling to find work and how badly they were treated in the process.

In my training group I was the last representative of my age bracket, lasting five months as opposed to one or two.  My last day summed up five months of working there.  It was the icing on the cake.  I went to work and for some reason my badge did not open the gate to the parking lot.  Figuring the magnetic stripe wore off, I parked in a private pay parking garage.  My next obstacle was entering the business; I forgot I needed the badge to open the door. I stopped at security who referred me to my temporary agency.  They were just as bewildered as I.   They knew of no issues.  I sat outside a large downtown building waiting to go to work for over a ½ hour.  I approached security again at my temporary agency’s suggestion and was informed to turn my badge in.  I racked my brain to determine if there was something I could have done and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Two to three hours later I received a phone call from my temporary agency apologizing for this mishap.  Apparently the assignment had ended but they accidentally had left my temporary agency’s email address off the list to notify me of this.  Now I ask you was this an opportunity or not in Azile’s Journey?

I definitely have my thoughts.

Azile H.


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