The next life changing moment in Azile’s Journey came earlier than expected.  Azile was not prepared, however, she will always be grateful for it.  My post on Azile’s Journey, An Opportunity or not details the last one.  After that ended, I resumed my original plan of opening myself up to the universe like a Rubik’s Cube.  I doubled my efforts on a global marketplace and bid on several jobs.  I won a writing project that would take me about a month to complete.

If you want to do something different, choose your projects wisely.  I never have agreed with career coaches that point you towards doing more of the same.  If you feel comfortable taking the linear historical route, then by all means continue that path?  However, exploring gives you the opportunity to find extraordinary connections with your life purpose and the possibility of encountering the next life changing moment.

At one point I thought of traveling without working for a short period.  When I set out on this journey I needed to do something transformative to change the sequence of bad events happening.  Because of waiting and not rushing in to “fix” things the options expanded.  I could envision traveling while getting paid for it.  I never thought of this idea before because my mind could not conceive of it.

Imagine if you could visit a place for awhile and then get PAID too?  I signed up for a house sitting service and some opportunities began trickling in.  The Universe was unfolding majestically with continual ideas and options.

In the past I have organized shows from simple to complex.  I learned that the project you undertake teaches you the things you need to know.  You envision the final product date and then work backwards to determine the project’s needs to meet the target date.   If I stopped before I knew everything there was to know, there would have been no school musical, no variety shows, no arrangement of music, no singing performances, no collaboration of music, no film, and no adventure.  Not knowing everything about an endeavor makes you more willing to reach out for help.  You can create a team which shares the same vision, has different levels of expertise and fills in the blanks.

The next life changing moment in Azile’s Journey came after writing a 50-70 page How to eBook.  Azile hadn’t written research papers since college. I thought I would apply experience, interest and passion to write about this subject.  Instead of paying for tuition, I offered my services at below market value.  I heard from others:  “Are you getting paid enough?”  “Are you underselling yourself?”  I responded internally:  “No, I am just doing an apprenticeshop for money” or “I feel fantastic that I can earn money while learning and practising my craft.”  Your mind can create traps that limit your options.  If you truly want to live in this lifetime, you need to be willing to take risk.

I have moved geographically to follow my heart.  I have let go of things at times to move ahead.  When I worked in mental health rehabilitation a common thread in people’s stories was:  holding on too long to people, jobs, outcomes and things they were attached to like a  rope.  That rope could either be a lifeline or a noose if they held on too tightly.  They never knew when to let go.

Important questions to ask yourself about your life path are: “Is my work satisfying to me?”  “Am I giving something back in what I do?”  “Does my work take more from me than I want to give?” “Is it in line with my core values?”  And who is more important in your life?  The things you have or “You, Your Family, Your Friends and Your Health!”

When I accepted the next project of the eBook I had not written something close to this length since college.  It, however, was a stretch within reach.  If you are moving to the next level, you want something that is uncomfortable but not unbearable.  Every large project I ever undertook was broken down into smaller pieces and became more manageable in those states.  Breaking it down took away the overwhelming “fear” of “how”.

I finished a very rough draft version in two weeks and completed a polished version within a month.  Shockingly enough, little changes were made to it.  The next life changing moment in Azile’s journey was being praised by an internationally published author!

Now this was something transformative!