Decisions in Azile’s Journey happened daily or weekly. The author tripled my rate for the next project, however, the timing proved wrong for him.  He kindly referred me to another individual to work with in the meantime.  This referral proved very interesting but I had reservations about the project.  Would it be too large in scope?  Were too many people involved in it?  Would I become an indentured servant?   I expressed my concerns to the referral and the author.

When I didn’t hear back from the referral, I felt sad and frustrated but didn’t dwell on it and instead moved on.  Movement became my ally.  Whenever I felt stuck or negative thinking overran me I worked on increasing my options.  I kept applying for different projects and dabbled in TV commercial writing, video script writing, editing, learning modules, essays, articles, project coordination, etc…   It was absolutely wonderful to be in an arena of full exploration from jingle writing, to encyclopedia editing.  I chose my projects carefully so that I could expand my portfolio with creative tasks I enjoyed.

In addition I leaned towards jobs that would pay me for learning what I needed to know.  One such article might be something like how to attract attention with blogging.   I continued getting paid for information I needed to learn.

There were countless decisions over which project would make sense to do, when to let go and move on and which ones to really go after.  If I could learn something that would benefit me than I would offer my services for a lower fee.  These decisions proved very important for Azile’s journey.  If it was a specialized skillset, then I would hold my ground on my pay.

Decisions in Azile’s Journey kept pointing me back to my own works.  I needed to finish the story of my trip to the Grand Canyon several years earlier recorded via cassette.  That journey was inspired by an inner voice that could not be quelched when it seemed so irrational to do.  Now at this juncture this journey was about doing something transformative.  Meeting the author was one moment.  Working for the author on a second project  (not mentioned) was another moment!  The creative assignments comprised countless other moments.  Finishing the book was a milestone marker.

The next decisions in Azile’s Journey related to taking a sabbatical for two weeks and who I took along with me on that trip.

Azile Hensen