Cherished Holidays and Magical Moments in Azile’s Journeys –

The Holidays are such an important yet stressful time for many.  You can make them special or not.  I choose cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.  I create lots of memories by spending the holidays with people I enjoy.  I often do not see my family during the holidays due to the geographic distance.  Instead of whining I create magical moments with my friends. Again I take a break from my normal posts to share these stories to brighten the holidays.

I moved into a home one year missing a stove.  I dragged my feet about buying it until the day before Thanksgiving.  Since I was hosting the feast, I needed something to cook with.  Missing, however was talent.  But this holiday, even though the meal was served two hours late, the people made it special.

We began by playing basketball outside, a feat for this northern state.  Slowly the people trickled in and old friends clicked with new ones. While we waited for the meal, we filled up on appetizers, wine and good conversation.  A must for any holiday dinner is a great beverage, alcoholic or non.  A second essential includes guests who know how to laugh  – the zanier the better.  The holidays should be served with at least one gut-belly wrenching laugh.  A third must is music and fourth of course, is the food.  Optional enhancers include people who go with the flow.  I suppose they all equally rate the same in importance.  Together they become magical ingredients to creating cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.

Allow people to bring what they think might enhance the special day.  My friend brought some congo drums, drums she breaks out every few years to play.  Whenever she does, we remember the time we thought how fun it would be to perform on a street corner for money in a University town. Somehow we never got up the courage.

Then there was the guy with the perfect pitch voice.  You sing with him and experience heaven.  Then there is the partner who radiates joy at any event and is a must to brighten up the holidays.    He is the perfect host.  Relatves of my partner brought their unconditional love which floated through the hallways like the music.   Every room held different groups of people; those who wanted to talk, eat, watch TV or play music.  Others not mentioned included a drummer, a guitar player, etc.  They added their presence  like icing on a cake,

When we all created music together, the congo woman’s daughter played the most divinely inspired Celine Dion song “My Heart Will Go On”.  It floated from the basement upstairs and into the heavens.  In that moment you felt like you were connecting to all the souls celebrating the holidays.  Listening to this recording years later transports you back in time.  It preserved those cherished holidays and magical moments in Azile’s Journeys.

So whenever you feel stressed or depressed about the holidays, think about what you can do to create cherished holidays and magical moments instead.  For instance, have you ever seen King Kong” on Christmas?  Now that’s a first!


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