“Is it the End or Beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys –

Ask yourself the next time something bad happens “It is the end or beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys.  For example one April 15th, my world dropped out from under me.  When it happened so unexpectedly, I found it very hard to pick myself up again.  One year later to the date I realized that April 15th signified rebirth when I unexpectedly purchased my second home.

Where were you on 12-12-12?  I was working and halfway through the day when I realized that magical date. I celebrated it two different ways, one knowingly and the other unknowingly.   I called my best friend after work and she immediately got it!  She agreed with me about the significance of that day.  I told her that her son needed to get married and he only had a few hours left.  Her daughter married the year before on 11-11-11 so it was only natural for her son to follow suit.   She completely understood.  We laughed and he remained single.

I found out it was 12-12-12 by accident when I dated a new journal for someone.  She brought a new notebook to record her daily accomplishments since she lacks self-confidence.   Naturally she had trouble starting it so I dated it 12-12-12 and listed five great things.  After writing the date, I squealed with delight stating:  “You began this on a magical day.    It is the end of old habits and the beginning of new ones.  This means that anything is possible!”  We both laughed.

So my partner told me the other day that Friday, December 21, 2012 is when the world is supposed to end.  How long have we been fascinated with the year 2012 and the end of the world?  There was “2012 – End of the World”, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the Year 2012” “2012 Doomsday” a few of the many movies with the same plot line.  Keeping in line with “Is it the End or Beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys, what will December 21, or December 31, 2012 mean to you?

Could the end of the world signify something other than our physical reality?  Could it relate more to ending a fear-based consciousness?  And with that ending, could we establish a new one based on love?  This means that there are no walls, barriers or religions that separate us.  Could this begin December 22 or January 1 based on whether you think the world is ending or just the year?   When you believe that whatever happens to your neighbor could happen to you, then you act differently.  We feel this connection whenever manmade or natural disasters occur around the world.  But why does it take something of that magnitude to wake us up?  We don’t.  We can choose to live like this on a daily basis.  Since we cannot control others, why not begin by sending out what you would like to receive?  What would that new year/world look like to you?

One glimpse is I drove through McDonald’s the other morning getting a free cup of coffee from the driver ahead of me, the recipient of someone else’s kind gesture.  It made my day.  What can you do for someone else? Can you improve someone’s day with a smile or a kind gesture?  It could be exercising patience when someone screws up.  Or it could be affirming someone for what they do well.   Or it might be forgiving someone.  It is all within our power.  So January 1, 2013 or December 22, 2012, “Is it the end or beginning on this Date?” for Azile’s Journeys or You?

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