I wanted to first say Thank You from Azile’s Journeys for kindly taking an interest.  Second, I wanted to applaud your willingness to engage in this conversation.  I believe that many people do want change in the world. Thirdly, I received a tremendous amount of responses, so many that I cannot keep up.  I would love to accept every comment out of this belief in the goodness of people.  Over time I chose to not accept the majority of the comments.  Why, you ask?

1.         I rejected duplicate canned responses.  You will see them from time to time on the site and have a good laugh.  You have no idea how many people use the same message over and over again.  Or should I say “bots”?

2.         Whatever your endeavors are, they are of course important to you.  You may have affiliated yourself with the wrong site though.

3.         Parameters.  Occasionally I stretched these for various reasons.  Some people left beautiful comments and I wanted to reward a well-written message.  Other times I decided to lend a helping hand.  I felt very disappointed that I could not accept the majority of the replies.  However my head overruled my heart.  These messages came linked to medication, online gambling or other undesirable topics.   In other cases I received ads from 30 or more people for the same business.   If someone left a message attached to an unclear site I didn’t accept it.  This presents problems at times for people in other countries if the translation is bad.  Having lived abroad I understand how difficult it is to learn a second language and don’t want to create a barrier in this regard.  However I should be able to understand the message of the blog or site even with the language barrier.  If not, a good human translation is needed.  In some situations I made mistakes.  So as a consumer, please make educated decisions in regards to sites sometimes linked here.

4.         Answers to Questions.  The same questions, like comments, are asked repeatedly.  Instead of answering them 10 times, feel free to search the replies and/or headings pages where you should find the info you desire.

A.        Sources.   I draw from my life experiences, work, countless hobbies and various adventures.  I have spent more than half my life working with people to empower them.  I write with a pen name so that I may be able to write more freely.  Everything I write about is true.

B.        Spelling.  There have been comments about the site being “rife” with spelling errors.  I do take pride in spelling so I am thinking that the person(s) that left these comments never read through the site in its entirety and therefore didn’t “realize” that I created a special word “Re-A-Zile” to illustrate a point.  So in some cases I mean rea-ziling, not rea-lizing.  And in other cases, I mean the latter.   And then again, maybe someone found some spelling errors that I cannot see.

C.        Motivation.  My motivation is to encourage others to own their own power.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said they could not do something, I would be a wealthy woman, people who have two, three or five times the amount of money I have.  Stop letting fear control you; start living more; start celebrating more.  Expect more out of life; your job.  Create more with your life.  Bad things happen to people, sometimes life is not fair, but it is about choosing to switch the focus onto what is good and real.  And moving to the other side, the side where joy abounds.

D.        User Experience.  I hope to be able to improve this for people if you bear with me as this is a labor of love.  They say that good things are worth waiting for; I hope it will be worth the wait.

So Thank You from Azile’s Journeys for your kind comments but I am more interested in hearing your journeys, your reexamination of your life paths, your stories, than hearing about how you like my blog.  I appreciate the kindness but IT IS TIME FOR SOMETHING MORE!


P.S. Part II is coming