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An opportunity or not came close to a month after leaving work.  I grabbed it regardless of how I envisioned spending my time.  My goal was to do or find something transformative to reverse the pattern of bad events happening.  See “New Paths – I am Rea-ziling” under “Journeys” heading.  Consider whether this experience in Azile’s Journey, is an opportunity or not?

The job was working temporary for a large company helping with some overflow work.  A person could get hired full-time but not a guarantee.  My reservation related to a prior experience with them.  I really enjoyed the complexities of each assignment; I just didn’t like the parameters.  This business thrives more on numbers than quality work.  Imprinted on my psyche, however, is a desire to produce exceptional work.  I have a hard time compromising quality.  To this day if I take classes, I find it very difficult to do just get by because I enjoy the inner satisfaction of a job well done.

I approached the opportunity from the standpoint of if it works, “great!”  If it doesn’t, then I paid off some more bills, took less from my retirement and rewarded myself with something great for the future:  The latest and greatest Mac.   What is ironic is while I liked the work,  I didn’t like the environment.  It favored the younger people and definitely created walls for people with different styles of learning.  Having traveled abroad and having worked in multiple environments, I love diversity.  This was not an example.

When you sought help to address the issues you were struggling with, your supervisor disappeared.  At one point I realized that if that was the message they sent, I didn’t want to be a part of that.  I worked waiting for my ending assignment date.  They certainly had more people then they could absorb in the company.  At this juncture I didn’t have to work.  I just felt bad for the people struggling to find work and how badly they were treated in the process.

In my training group I was the last representative of my age bracket, lasting five months as opposed to one or two.  My last day summed up five months of working there.  It was the icing on the cake.  I went to work and for some reason my badge did not open the gate to the parking lot.  Figuring the magnetic stripe wore off, I parked in a private pay parking garage.  My next obstacle was entering the business; I forgot I needed the badge to open the door. I stopped at security who referred me to my temporary agency.  They were just as bewildered as I.   They knew of no issues.  I sat outside a large downtown building waiting to go to work for over a ½ hour.  I approached security again at my temporary agency’s suggestion and was informed to turn my badge in.  I racked my brain to determine if there was something I could have done and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Two to three hours later I received a phone call from my temporary agency apologizing for this mishap.  Apparently the assignment had ended but they accidentally had left my temporary agency’s email address off the list to notify me of this.  Now I ask you was this an opportunity or not in Azile’s Journey?

I definitely have my thoughts.

Azile H.


Hurdles can be looked at as opportunities or pillars of good fortune.  See “Journeys” page subheading “Creative Visualizations – Crystal Pillar City”.  Reframing hurdles can bring you good fortune and peace of mind.  Our reality is always shaped by how we view it.  It can change based on our experiences, how we think and how we feel.  If you change one of these areas, it will affect the other two.  Today we are reframing hurdles by traveling to Crystal Pillar City, a nice contemplative place where we manifest our reality in an instant.



(continuation of Journeys Base Page plus Azile’s Journey previous Post)  When anyone sets out to do something different, a hurdle people encounter is the lack of support.   How many instead say:  “You can’t leave your job because you will lose your insurance.”  “You can’t go to the Peace Corps because ….”  “You can’t leave your job without another job.”  When you do feel compelled to follow your own inner voice, make sure it is loud and strong.  The vast majority fall within the group that doubts and you will hear more objections than affirmations.  In Azile’s Journey – a hurdle I encountered was the mindset of people.

I name two groups:  those who follow the linear path or those who choose the opposite.  Those who follow the non-linear route tend to act more supportively.  In my life I always have chosen what I felt compelled to do.  Happiness or Joy should guide an individual’s choices.  That means paying attention to reoccurring emotions that signal something important.  I may have waited longer to decide or act hastily at times.  Whatever the case, I normally created another opportunity, adventure, or path as a result.    With Azile’s Journey, if you believe in a force greater than yourself, that force does not operate in the realm of 1+1 = 2.  For if he or she did, then we could control it based on logic and it would only exist within our understanding.

Since this force operates beyond our understanding, I have found that it’s best not to try to figure out everything.  In Azile’s Journey It is much easier to set a general course and let your experiences, insights, and people guide you to your final destination.  After you start the journey and let go, this force operates like the wind.  It can set you on or off course, cause a hurdle, provide comfort or a fast speedy arrival.  Its presence always reminds you that its about the journey anyways.

Hurdles you encounter can be self-imposed fears, solid realities, or metaphorical walls, etc.  ….  Never attach yourself to outcome when you set out on any journey.  For instance, when I aspired to a  specific sustainable energy position, it was a glimpse of an idea I threw in the hat.  When I realized a hurdle of physical limitations,  I began to open myself up to other opportunities.  I posted a Resume.  I found a global marketplace to experiment with my writing.

My second hurdle was the mindset of one temporary agency I had been invited to interview with.  I have several successful professional level positions and I was appalled at their “cattle” approach to interviews.  I met with a young individual who “wrote me off” within the first ten minutes on our meeting based on their computer error which cut off the last five years of my work history.  Another representative spoke with me very candidly but still presented a “metaphorical wall”.  Basically I listened to an hour of why it would be very difficult to place me.  Ironically, they had called me to set up an interview.  After the 3 hour microscopic examination I left feeling worse than I did before I entered.  When they called the next day about some small opportunity I passed because I knew my worth.   At this stage the only reason I would jump at an opportunity was if it was fantastic.

On Azile’s Journey I needed to do something to transform the negative events of the past.  I would take some time off to explore.  This was one of the first of many examples of how “mindsets” play a role in limiting or creating opportunities for others.  Having been in positions where I interviewed people sometimes people are just looking for a good fit for the team.  Everything else is secondary so what you have on paper may just be a foot in the door and exceptions are always made if someone really want you bad enough.


… <continuation of “Azile’s Journey” Page>  If you have ever had “Camelot” experiences in life, you know what can happen with the right environment, people and energy.  You have two choices after this.  You can remain comfortable in utopia or venture out to share it with others.  My initial journey led to a job I spent a decade at which was “good” and “great” at times.  It did have its “Camelot” moments but it was not “Camelot”.  Your soul will always yearn for its highest expression.  I spent ten years at that job starting it the day after September 11, 2011 and ending it a decade later the day before September 11th!  How artfully divinely inspired; the date was not planned by me.

In my journey to find “Camelot” again, I found that the world has changed dramatically.  The field that I spent 10 years in does not adapt as fast as the corporate world to technological advancements.  It was shocking to learn how “out of touch” I was with the modern world.

See “Azile Re-Aziling” under “Journeys” page that led me to this decision to leave work without another job.  So after a series of bizarre incidents, I chose walking into the “void” to fill it hopefully with transformative events.  
”What” was not that clear.

My tentative plan was to leave, enroll in a short-term school in a western state and find alternative inexpensive housing.  Although I explained to people I was just working on filling options in a hat, I wanted to work on wind turbines.  Unfortunately four things happened. The summer before was particularly hot and I finally conceded that the heat may do me in.  Secondly, my car’s engine light came on the first week I left work.  Thirdly, the ideal housing opportunity fell through which I hoped for to attend school and finally I could not depend on the exact date I would receive retirement refund check.  I wanted to enroll and attend class w/in month but tuition had to be paid soon for this to happen.

In my life I have learned that life has this magical way of working itself out.  And it falls into place better than you could fully plan.  My inner voice told me that I needed to trust and not rush to find work but instead be open to the “journey”.  That didn’t mean that I sat around and did nothing.  I had to find the balance between “doing too much” to “being” and “doing” and “letting go” and “believing”.  Walking into the “void” to fill it allowed bigger and greater things to arrive than I could conceive.  But with any journey worth taking, there may be definite hurdles and obstacles to overcome. My next “Journey” post will discuss some of my first hurdles and opportunities….



Hello to Dreamers –

I started this site to support other dreamers and people who journey to make the world a better place. In September 2011 I left my job of 10 years amidst a very uncertain economic climate. It has been 10 years since September 11, 2001 and our world has changed significantly.  Fear runs rampant and scarcity thinkers abound.  Who desires to walk through this to get to the other side?  Who is looking forward to what we can all possibly create together beyond our wildest imagination?  Say hello to dreamers!

For without dreams and passion, are we fully alive?  I seek those who do just that and believe anything’s possible.  This is my story of my journey, the highs and the lows.  All I can say is that I have never felt more alive in my life!  And I am grateful for the people and experiences  I have met or had along the way because each one has brought me to this point in my life — very deliberately and consciously choosing my path.

I say hello to Dreamers!  Are you one?