So, my new word “re-azile” means to reexamine your life to possibly choose new paths. How convenient, since my name is “Azile” and Azile is going to explore.


In all of our lives we begin to receive messages that continue until they make us PAY ATTENTION TO them. They become louder and heavier. For me it was a series of car accidents, hospitalizations and bizarre incidents that occurred that made me realize that life is too short.

When you experience near death encounters it really helps you clarify what you want to do with the time remaining. Keep in mind that changing your course brings up 1001 reasons why not to. But for me, there was one big one and it was “living” and ‘life”. So that makes up for about 995 of them.

When people get caught up in their routines and forget to embrace each day, what kind of life is that? Do people ever stop to think if they are contributing to the problems or solutions?


Do you see people radiating joy in what they do? Do they feel they are in alignment with the universe and their purpose? Is there an energy exchange between people, not an energy drain? If you expand this from an individual to a community level, does your community seek the same thing, an energy flow that is harmonious? Is it your time to discover new paths?


The decision to venture out and do something different begins with each and every person based upon their own time frame and needs. Some event might happen that causes them to reexamine new paths. The pain of staying the same outweighs the cost of stepping out into the unknown and evolving. Beginning that journey and believing that the people you meet along the way will help write the map helps you trust more in the process. The right people will come along to help you. Does this sound familiar? How many people read The Celestine Prophecy?

So I threw some ideas into a hat of fields I would like to explore, signed up for some interesting travel adventures and then waited for the right time to leave my full-time job. SEE “AZILE’S JOURNEY” under “JOURNEYS” Headings being developed.


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