… <continuation of “Azile’s Journey” Page>  If you have ever had “Camelot” experiences in life, you know what can happen with the right environment, people and energy.  You have two choices after this.  You can remain comfortable in utopia or venture out to share it with others.  My initial journey led to a job I spent a decade at which was “good” and “great” at times.  It did have its “Camelot” moments but it was not “Camelot”.  Your soul will always yearn for its highest expression.  I spent ten years at that job starting it the day after September 11, 2011 and ending it a decade later the day before September 11th!  How artfully divinely inspired; the date was not planned by me.

In my journey to find “Camelot” again, I found that the world has changed dramatically.  The field that I spent 10 years in does not adapt as fast as the corporate world to technological advancements.  It was shocking to learn how “out of touch” I was with the modern world.

See “Azile Re-Aziling” under “Journeys” page that led me to this decision to leave work without another job.  So after a series of bizarre incidents, I chose walking into the “void” to fill it hopefully with transformative events.  
”What” was not that clear.

My tentative plan was to leave, enroll in a short-term school in a western state and find alternative inexpensive housing.  Although I explained to people I was just working on filling options in a hat, I wanted to work on wind turbines.  Unfortunately four things happened. The summer before was particularly hot and I finally conceded that the heat may do me in.  Secondly, my car’s engine light came on the first week I left work.  Thirdly, the ideal housing opportunity fell through which I hoped for to attend school and finally I could not depend on the exact date I would receive retirement refund check.  I wanted to enroll and attend class w/in month but tuition had to be paid soon for this to happen.

In my life I have learned that life has this magical way of working itself out.  And it falls into place better than you could fully plan.  My inner voice told me that I needed to trust and not rush to find work but instead be open to the “journey”.  That didn’t mean that I sat around and did nothing.  I had to find the balance between “doing too much” to “being” and “doing” and “letting go” and “believing”.  Walking into the “void” to fill it allowed bigger and greater things to arrive than I could conceive.  But with any journey worth taking, there may be definite hurdles and obstacles to overcome. My next “Journey” post will discuss some of my first hurdles and opportunities….




For new, unexpected and miraculous things to come into your life, it helps to clear out the items that block them from happening.  That means physically, emotionally and mentally looking at what you can do to prepare for an “exciting future”.  Physical activity is always great because it helps in all three ways.  Couple that with cleaning projects and you have the best of 3 worlds.  When my father died I inherited 2000 books and a lot of “stuff”.  It has taken me years to go through these items but I usually treasure the moments that I do, one to 3 times a year.  Today’s gem in clearing space was an attachment in a letter to my brother.  He was quoting from Tolstoy about life in general; he had copied some lines out of Tolstoy’s books.  I think my brother’s response was to send him a clipping about Jesus, two things they equally love.  Or perhaps, my father sent him the Tolstoy clipping in response to his letter.  No dates or actual letters were found.  I look forward to the winter when I can organize these “quips, writings, essays” to make them more accessible.  I am in the middle of a remodeling project so I don’t want to get too sidetracked.  New and exciting things are happening every day here that I am very grateful for, one just around the corner.  I am “clearing space” for those opportunities to walk in!



I spent September 11th this year attending a documentary called “9/11: Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out” presented by Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth which you can find at this site: Architects, Engineers, Scientists, etc. appeal to the President to reexamine the official report presented on the September 11th tragedy. They methodically and scientifically refute many of the findings issued through facts, eyewitness accounts and generally accepted scientific rules. They act as beacons about the importance of “truth” in healing for everyone. Take a moment to check this site out and see what you can do. They have a petition started that you can sign to demand “truth” in honor of the victims and their families!



Dan Fastenberg of AOL Jobs and Career Builder wrote an interesting story entitled “7 Facts About Labor Day”. It shows a different twist on how this day was originally formed and how it is now, with so many people out of work, 8% of the population. Giving a name to faces, Dan and Fran Hopkins provide an interesting series of articles on “Stories of the Unemployed”. If you know someone that remains unemployed, take a moment to read one, two or three of these articles to get a sense of what they experience in the job market today.

It is definitely an employer’s market where they can ask for specific experience. Employees no longer can bank on many transferable skills when their competition may have that specific program, degree, experience that the employer desires. It is worthy to note that regardless of the specialized skills an employee obtains, any employer will have to spend a certain amount of time training the new employee. How much extra time do you think it would take for a potential new hire to learn the software or specialized skills? Most employees are trained in very similar software programs so adding a new program is not too difficult. In all seriousness, most of the new employees might just volunteer to learn this new software on their own time to bring them up to date. So how much extra training time would it take the employer, probably not much?

Every single one of us plays a role in putting people back to work. If you work in HR, start taking a moment to see people beyond the “box”. If you are interviewing potential candidates, look for reasons to hire someone not the reverse. Take the whole picture not slices of the pie when making important considerations. Think about if you were on the other side, how would you like to be treated? Develop a sense of humor as interviewees because one person will tell you “It doesn’t mean anything if you have that experience if it was not recently” while another might say: “We are looking for someone who has this experience, the exact experience you listed on your Resume.” From these statements just consider it “inane” and trust that the right position, person will come along to appreciate what you uniquely have to offer. People working in human resources capacities must be overwhelmed because they spend more time weeding than cultivating. Would you like to be encouraged or discouraged? My hope is that you give what you would like to receive. AZILE


Under the “Your Projects” Page I listed an incredible tour going around the United States and Europe. See this site:

As a result of attending this event I signed up for an Intro to Buddhism talk. The teacher spoke eloquently about the effects of collective unconsciousness. I think all of us have been amazed at the things we say to people or hear others say. Or when people, including ourselves, do not speak up on important issues allowing things to happen. One of the great things that connects us to others is compassion. Knowing that if something happens to your neighbor or a stranger, it could happen to you. Therefore we care. May compassion strike you today!



It was an absolutely beautiful night to go to the fair with two dear people to me.  The highlights were the food, running into musicians we know perform and other band member we lost contact with.  Life can be so divine sharing it with friends, running into old ones and meeting new ones.  At the end of the evening we were pedaled to our car by a young person traveling around the country advocating for his presidential candidate.  I love the idealism of youth and that concept in general.  Let us never give up the dreams we all have for a better country and world.  And let us connect with each other in that spirit of hearing each other out. Here is to the endless opportunities we create by keeping an open mind.



I took my friend to get a procedure done today!   She looks fabulous.  I wish that she finds that she has a clean bill of health!  Today she looks the spitting image of health!

I am sitting here with her and she is nervous.  We tried to reach her family on Facetime before she went in.  Today I am blessing technology, the ability to connect with others far away faster!


Hello to Dreamers –

I started this site to support other dreamers and people who journey to make the world a better place. In September 2011 I left my job of 10 years amidst a very uncertain economic climate. It has been 10 years since September 11, 2001 and our world has changed significantly.  Fear runs rampant and scarcity thinkers abound.  Who desires to walk through this to get to the other side?  Who is looking forward to what we can all possibly create together beyond our wildest imagination?  Say hello to dreamers!

For without dreams and passion, are we fully alive?  I seek those who do just that and believe anything’s possible.  This is my story of my journey, the highs and the lows.  All I can say is that I have never felt more alive in my life!  And I am grateful for the people and experiences  I have met or had along the way because each one has brought me to this point in my life — very deliberately and consciously choosing my path.

I say hello to Dreamers!  Are you one?