So I have been a little busy lately and many of my wishes for others have piled up.  This is by no means a complete list but a continuation of a previous list found under World Vision Page subheading “My Wishes for Others.”

1.  I work with people who struggle so hard every day just to get out of bed.  And when they do, they live in a different realm.  They live on very limited incomes.  Many of us take for granted certain ideas they have already given up on.  Today if you have an opportunity to make someone’s day or life, take it!  There is no better feeling in the world than to give someone hope of a better future.

My more specific wishes for others include:

2.  I wish a young friend continued success in her new store which opened out west recently.

3.  I would like to send a couple I know years of happiness and mutual enrichment after their recent beautiful wedding.

4.  May a friend regain her complete eyesight after unexpected eye illness.  She is the primary support of her household.  May she completely heal!

I  continue encouraging people to share “my wishes for others” that the Universe could deliver in unexpected and mysterious ways. Our waves of light, hope and positive support keep growing.